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Gareth Eales selected as Labour Parliamentary Candidate

I am extremely pleased to report that Gareth Eales – NN Area Processing Representative was victorious in being selected as the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for the Northampton South Constituency at a hustings & election event held on the 13th January 2018.

Gareth polled enough votes to easily win at the first round of voting stage. A special thank you should be said in recognising the hard work & support given during the campaign by Andrew Towers – CWU National Political Officer whom was in attendance when the vote took place.

The Branch & the Region gave every support needed & I am proud to report that all CWU Members in the constituency that are Party Members gave their vote to Gareth. The inspiring organisation overseen by those individuals that made up the campaigns team ensured that this support was realised via postal voting or attending the hustings event.

The Campaign involved support from the likes of political activists Peter Stefanovic & Owen Jones, political shadow cabinet heavyweights John McDonnell & Angela Rayner & Mick Whelan & Dave Ward respective General Secretaries for the Train Drivers & Communication Workers Trade Unions.

Northampton South Perspective Labour Parliamentary Candidate result:

Gareth Eales – 157 votes

Kevin McKeever – 91 votes

Maria Jennings – 4 votes

Manjit Panesar – 4 votes


Gareth worked incredibly hard to be selected & earned his victory. His selection gives positive profile to the CWU & the “for the many, not the few” type of politics our Union is backing.

Now we look forward to defeating the Tories by helping to elect a Socialist as the next Member of Parliament for Northampton South whenever the General Election is called .. .. .

Paul Bosworth – Branch Political Officer NN

South Midlands Postal Branch

Posted: 27th February 2018

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