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About Us

Welcome to the home page of the South Midlands Postal Branch of the Communication Workers Union.

The South Midlands Postal Branch is the result of the Coventry Area and Northamptonshire Amalgamated Branches merging. We are the second largest Branch in the CWU with nearly 5000 members.

The CWU represents members in the communication industry within Royal Mail, Parcelforce, Post Office Counters, Romec, Quadrant & Retired members and Portability members who generally work in areas other than those mentioned above.

This website provides news, information on the benefits of belonging to the CWU and links to other useful websites.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) is the biggest union for the communications industry in the UK with 300,000 members. It was formed in January 1995 when the Union of Communication Workers joined forces with the National Communications Union.

CWU members work in the Post Office, BT and other telephone companies, cable TV, Accenture HR Services, the Alliance and Leicester and Girobank.

Our members’ expertise includes engineering, computing, clerical, mechanical, driving, retail, financial and manual skills.