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The fight against cost cutting will continue

With much activity by management in their “cost cutting” exercises made 2017 a very interesting year. It goes without saying that we have and did fight the cost cutting on the basis of protecting your terms and conditions and your earning capability. I can assure you that this fight will continue – for ever!!

Now with a new agreement upon us which secures our futures, comes revision activity. We have nothing to fear about this as we, your reps, will be at the forefront of any/all local activity and the reps involved will have a remit to follow as detailed above.

In closing, I must fully thank you all for the massive 89% yes vote that you delivered. This without doubt helped settle the dispute we were in and deliver the “4 Pillars of Security”.

Many Thanks

Mark Batterham

Area Distribution Rep.

Posted: 27th February 2018

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