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PFW Autumn Pressure and Christmas Remuneration Proposals

Dear Colleagues,

Agreement Between CWU & Parcelforce Worldwide On 2018 Autumn Pressure And Christmas Remuneration Proposals For All CWU Grade Depot Employees.

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Branches and representatives will be aware that in previous years agreement has been reached with Parcelforce Worldwide in relation to incentive for volunteers to attend on the Saturdays and Sundays in the run up to Christmas.

In line with this tradition attached for your information is the Agreement between CWU & Parcelforce Worldwide on 2018 Autumn Pressure and Christmas Remuneration Proposals for all CWU Grade Depot Employees, which has been endorsed by the Postal Executive. In respect of incentive payments for attendance over the stated period the agreement mirrors those achieved in previous years.

Colleagues will note that due to the opening of the South East Processing Centre (Hatfield) it is anticipated that there will be no requirement for cull activity in the SE this year. However should this situation change, we have secured wording to ensure that remuneration for any attendance would be in line with that agreed for depots.

In addition we have achieved wording in relation to Seasonal Traffic Recirculation which ensures that there is recognition for any member who volunteers to move on a temporary basis with the work for the pressure period. Equally, clarification is provided in relation to travelling time where such moves take place.

In line with the attached agreement engagement should now take place between local Parcelforce Representatives and Managers, in order to ensure adequate cover for work and manpower requirements for the Autumn Pressure/Christmas period.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to: Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: or quoting reference 106A.09

Yours sincerely
Davie Robertson
Assistant Secretary

Posted: 9th November 2018

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